Performance Reporting

In Userlist, you can measure detailed performance for each individual message sent as a broadcast, in a campaign, or in a workflow.

This performance report is available on the message screen, under the “Performance” tab. Here’s how it looks within a campaign:

Screenshot of performance reporting on Userlist

Understanding performance metrics

For every message, you will be able to measure:

  • Messages delivered — total number of messages delivered by our system.
  • Messages opened — total number of messages that were opened at least once. This is measured via our tracking pixel, which can be blocked by modern email tools.
  • Messages clicked — total number of messages that received at least one click on the links inside the message.
  • Unsubscribed — total number of users who received the message and unsubscribed using its unsubscribe link.

You’ll also see three engagement rates:

  • Open rate — the number of messages opened divided by the number of messages delivered.
  • Click rate — the number of messages clicked divided by the number of messages delivered.
  • Unsubscribe rate — the number of unsubscribes divided by the number of messages delivered.

Unsubscribe links. Clicking the unsubscribe link counts as an open and a click. However, it only counts as unsubscribe once the user actually confirms the unsubscribe on the page that opens after clicking. Updating subscription preferences counts as an unsubscribe if the topic they unsubscribed from matches the topic of the original message.

Working with dates

Click on the date field to select a date range. You can use one of the suggestions or select a custom period:

Screenshot of how to set the custom date range for performance

If you hover over the performance graph, you’ll be able to see performance metrics for a specific date:

Screenshot of view when hovering over the performance graph

Performance overview

Additionally, you can find a performance overview table on the campaign page, under Messages. These are all-time performance results.

Screenshot of performance overview in Messages tab

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