Syncing with Marketing Software

Nearly all communication you might send to your users falls into one of two categories:

  1. Pre-signup: anything you’d send to a person who has not yet signed up for your product. They haven’t started a trial, and haven’t performed any actions inside your app. They’re most likely a marketing lead (they’ve in some way opted into your marketing content), or they’re a sales lead (they’ve requested or received a demo of your product).
  2. Post-signup: anything you’d send to a person who has already signed up for your product. These folks include trial users, free users, paying customers, and customers who’ve churned but are still in your database.

Since the benefit of Userlist is the ability to observe users’ behavior inside your product, it should be used for post-signup communications — whereas marketing automation tools like MailChimp or Drip, on the other hand, are ideal for pre-signup communications.

Common post-signup communications include:

  • Onboarding email campaigns
  • Announcements of product updates & new feature releases
  • Campaigns designed to increase usage of particular features
  • Reactivation campaigns to inactive users
  • Upsell & account expansion campaigns
  • Campaigns nudging users to switch from a monthly to annual subscription
  • Net Promoter Score surveys

For more examples and inspiration, welcome to read these guides:

Passing data about your users back into your marketing software

If a lead in your marketing software signs up for your product (thereby changing from a lead to a user), you may need to make some decisions:

  • Should the new user be removed from your marketing software? Or…
  • Should they be kept in your marketing software as a lead, even though they’ve already signed up for your product?

We recommend keeping the new user in your marketing software, but unsubscribing them from any marketing & sales nurture campaigns that are no longer relevant to them.

This way, should they choose to download gated content from you in the future (e.g. an ebook or a whitepaper), they won’t be treated as a brand new lead and re-subscribed to a nurture campaign. You’ll also be able to send company-wide announcements and newsletters once to your entire marketing list, without having to send another broadcast specifically to users inside Userlist.

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