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We Build Tools to Empower Founders

Userlist was started in 2017 as an alternative to bulky enterprise messaging tools. We believe that running SaaS products should be more enjoyable. As a team, we choose to build a profitable, sustainable company, rather than pursue rocketship growth.

Jane Portman
Jane Portman
Co-founder / Product

Founder of UI Breakfast and a UI/UX consultant, Jane helps SaaS companies design focused, profitable web applications. Jane also writes books, speaks at conferences, and runs UI Breakfast Podcast.

Benedikt Deicke
Benedikt Deicke
Co-founder / Engineering

Benedikt is a software engineer and strategy consultant who helps founders plan, build, grow, and maintain their web applications. He's a co-host on the Slow & Steady podcast and co-founder of FemtoConf.

Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder / Marketing Advisor

Co-founder of Elevate and Forget the Funnel, Claire spends her days helping SaaS companies grow — through marketing consulting, mentorship, and customer research. Previously Director of Marketing and employee #2 at Calendly.

Dan Yosua
Dan Yosua
Podcast Production

Dan is a creative entrepreneur and freelancer who focuses on remote product photography, and helps others scale their visual and audio content creation. He is documenting his transition from data analyst to creator publicly on YouTube.

Krista Melgarejo
Krista Melgarejo

Krista is a scientist turned writer and digital marketer who helps businesses with their copywriting and automations. They also had their creative work published in two anthologies.

Our investors

Userlist is supported by industry experts who care about the future of SaaS email automation.

Adam Wiggins (Muse, Heroku)
Adam Wiggins
Muse, Heroku
Alan Park (Fluent U)
Alan Park
Fluent U
Baird Hall (Churnkey, Zubtitle)
Baird Hall
Churnkey, Zubtitle
Brady Cassidy (Rewardful)
Brady Cassidy
Kyle Fox (Rewardful)
Kyle Fox
Carlos Hernandez (Quaderno)
Carlos Hernandez
Cassidy Williams (Netlify)
Cassidy Williams
Charlie Irish ()
Charlie Irish
Christopher Bain (Humanoid Studios)
Christopher Bain
Humanoid Studios
Corey Haines (SavvyCal, Baremetrics)
Corey Haines
SavvyCal, Baremetrics
Fredrik Björk (Grafbase)
Fredrik Björk
Iheanyi Ekechukwu (PlanetScale)
Iheanyi Ekechukwu
Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers)
Joanna Wiebe
Lisa Enckell (Antler)
Lisa Enckell
Andreas Ehn (Wrapp)
Andreas Ehn
Patrick Thompson (Iteratively, Amplitude)
Patrick Thompson
Iteratively, Amplitude
Randall Kent (Cypress.io)
Randall Kent
Ross Hudgens (Siege Media)
Ross Hudgens
Siege Media
Tracy Lee (This Dot Labs)
Tracy Lee
This Dot Labs
Simon Williams (Instructure)
Simon Williams
Zach Holman (GitHub)
Zach Holman
Tiny Seed (Spring 2020)
Tiny Seed
Spring 2020

Our company values

Creating value

Helping customers is the primary reason why we are in the software business. We're here to craft a reliable tool, and help customers make the most out of it — through educational materials and personal support. The goal of our marketing activities is to honestly deliver as much value as possible. We're always happy to recommend other tools if it makes more sense.


We understand quality as both reliability and aesthetics. Keeping our product reliable and polished is more important to us than rapidly shipping new features. Our customers trust us to handle their end user communication, and we aren't going to disappoint them with quick-and-dirty solutions. When in doubt, we choose to deliver a smaller feature set, but take time and sweat the details.


We strive to build a no-fluff product that delivers value in the most straightforward, practical manner. We set down-to-earth goals and don't chase trends. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we absorb best practices and come up with reliable solutions for real people. We don't set out to change human behavior. We take the risk to apply our expertise and figure out simple solutions instead of offering endless customization.

Honesty and ethics

We talk to each other honestly as a team, and we talk honestly to our customers. We only practice honest marketing. We don't tolerate scam, clickbait, or dark usability patterns. We expect the same from our customers as they talk to their users, and advocate for fair use of Userlist as an automation tool. We explicitly forbid bad practices, and put extra effort into promoting ethicality.

People first

We believe everyone deserves the chance to pursue a business that suits their lifestyle. We believe in relationships over money. Customer happiness and end user satisfaction is more important than revenue; team happiness is more important than new features and KPIs. End user happiness is crucial because our customer's dignity and reputation depend on it.

Press & Interviews

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Indie Hackers
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Startups for the Rest of Us
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Benedikt Deicke — Building Userlist
August 14, 2019
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Big Break Software
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December 24, 2020
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October 1, 2020
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Product-Led Podcast
Why $9/Mo is Better than Freemium
June 23, 2020
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Code Story
Jane Portman, Userlist
September 8, 2020
Going Full-Time on a SaaS While Growing a Podcast with Jane Portman
October 15, 2020
Awkward Silences
Awkward Silences
Combining Sales Demos and Customer Research with Jane Portman
May 20, 2020
Data Beats Opinion
Data Beats Opinion
Planning the Perfect SaaS Launch: Userlist
November 14, 2019
Everyone Hates Marketers
Everyone Hates Marketers
10 Steps to Reposition Your Product When Your Customers Don't Get It
October 8, 2019
Rails with Jason
Rails with Jason
Benedikt Deicke, Co-Founder of Userlist
October 1, 2019
Getting to Ramen
Getting to Ramen
Benedikt Deicke of Userlist on Competing with Intercom in an Established Market
September 20, 2019
UI Breakfast Podcast
UI Breakfast Podcast
Q&A with the Userlist Team
September 10, 2019
Art of Product
Art of Product
To Build, or Not to Build — Jane Portman of Userlist
August 1, 2019
Out of Beta
Out of Beta
Talking Userlist with Benedikt Deicke
July 3, 2019
Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
Better SaaS Onboarding With Jane Portman And Benedikt Deicke
June 12, 2019
Release Notes
Release Notes
#332: Benedikt Deicke
September 23, 2019
Release Notes
Release Notes
#319: Jane Portman
June 24, 2019
Bright & Early
Bright & Early
Claire Suellentrop: The Importance of Knowing Your Customer
May 2, 2019
Bright & Early
Bright & Early
Jane Portman: UI Design for Early-stage Startups
May 2, 2019

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