Laser Focused on Your SaaS Needs

Unlike other customer messaging tools, Userlist was built specifically for nurturing SaaS users after they pay or start their trial. Watch the video below for a brief tour, or scroll down for details.

Manage your users

Manage user profiles in a simple admin dashboard

Filter users based on their properties and events

Dive into individual user profiles one by one

Explore individual user profiles

See all user properties and their activity timeline

Understand where each user is in their journey

Figure out what's going on and what communications they receive from you

Create powerful automated campaigns

Create smart behavior-based campaigns. Contact your users at the best possible moment in their journey

Decide whether to deliver your message via email or in-app messages

Make your campaigns as simple or sophisticated as you need

Effortlessly compose and edit your messages

Quickly compose and edit messages using a simple WYSIWYG editor as well as Markdown

Skip on individual messages if users don't match a specific condition

Segment your users

Segment your users dynamically based on their behavior

Understand the structure of your user base

Trigger automated campaigns when users join or leave a segment

Ruben Gamez, founder of Docsketch

"Userlist has quickly become one of my must-have SaaS tools. It's so well designed and focused on customer messaging, unlike other bloated products I've used before."

Ruben Gamez, founder of Docsketch

Send automated communication —
with a personal touch

Lifecycle automation

Make your users awesome while you sleep

Stay sane by automating most of your customer success work. Send onboarding campaigns, offer help if people get stuck, upsell to higher plans — all running while you sleep.

Message conditions

Only send what matters

Behavior-based automation is about sending the right message at the right time — so your customers are exponentially more likely to read them. Skip on irrelevant messages. Build trust by sending precisely targeted email with a human feel.

Built-in templates

Create new campaigns in seconds

It’s our mission at Userlist to make you awesome. You get full-text campaign templates baked into the app, so you never have to start from scratch.


Send newsletters and product updates using Broadcasts

Broadcasts are great for sending one-off emails like product updates, newsletters, or other announcements. You can send a broadcast to your entire user list or to a specific segment.

Custom snippets

Use Snippets across all your campaigns

No need to revisit all your messages just because you decided to change your signature line. Now you can insert Snippets — custom bits of text to be reused across all your campaigns and broadcasts.

Michael Koper, founder of Nusii

"Really simple and easy to work with. Especially love choosing a template when creating a campaign — that did feel very magical."

Michael Koper, founder of Nusii

Instant integration via Segment

Using Segment for your product? Start sending your data from Segment in a few clicks — zero development time required. This integration also allows you to see behavior data from multiple other services inside Userlist. See how to get started

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