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Consultants Directory

Looking for skillful hands to implement your vision in Userlist? Here’s a list of trusted consultants who help SaaS companies with email marketing automation. See how to join as a consultant.

Blair Wadman
Blair Wadman

Blair helps membership businesses convert visitors to paying members by leveraging email marketing automation. He works in short, low-risk intensives that focus on the highest impact changes. Having a long history of web development, Blair combines growth strategies with the technical know-how.

Copywriting Automation Engineering
Josh Garofalo
Josh Garofalo
Sway Copy

Josh has helped brands like HubSpot, Wave, Unbounce, Hotjar, and dozens more with their core email, website, and PPC landing page copy. He uses JTBD research to inform brand messaging and construct a “category story” that casts your product as the star.

Research Copywriting Automation
Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Tope builds marketing automation growth engines for B2B SaaS companies, including customer journey mapping, user segmentation, and product-led lifecycle workflows. He helps to deliver growth in customer engagement, retention, loyalty, advocacy, and revenue.

Research Copywriting Automation
Robert Stockley
Robert Stockley

At Refunnel, they help service-based business owners win back their time by creating personalised email marketing campaigns that convert. From platform setup to campaign setup, database optimisation and conversion copywriting, their team has you covered.

Copywriting Automation Engineering
Isaac Perdomo
Isaac Perdomo
CopyOnboard & Refunnel

As a former engineer, Isaac enjoys the challenge of re-thinking and A/B testing every step of his clients' onboarding process. He's also part of the Refunnel team, leading the automations that heavily involve behavior-based email marketing.

Automation Engineering
Rachael Pilcher
Rachael Pilcher
Mighty Fine Copy

Rachael helps SaaS and B2B companies find their authentic voices and differentiate themselves in the market. She is known for creating human-sounding, emotional, and persuasive copy for SaaS websites, landing pages, and emails.

Research Copywriting Automation
Uma Julia Wilson
Uma Julia Wilson

Uma’s marketing experience ranges from large SaaS companies to small non-profits and B2C. Marketing automation is one of her strong skills, but she can also help with lead generation, content marketing, reporting, project planning, and much more.

Strategy Automation
Mark Colgan
Mark Colgan
Yellow O

An expert in marketing technology and sales professional, Mark applies this knowledge to help B2B SaaS companies grow their revenue. He has developed a framework that any company can use to deploy a repeatable, scalable and profitable revenue generation machine.

Nikki Elbaz
Nikki Elbaz

Nikki has written and tested thousands of conversion-focused emails for SaaS and ecommerce brands like Shopify Plus, Four Sigmatic, and Sprout Social. Her services range from 1:1 coaching to team workshops to custom workflows.

Strategy Copywriting
Jason Resnick
Jason Resnick

Jason leverages his technical knowledge to help SaaS companies and creators convert more leads to customers. He’ll turn your marketing list into a salesperson using powerful segmentation and lead scoring.

Strategy Automation Engineering
Dayana Mayfield
Dayana Mayfield

Dayana blends the power of conversion copywriting with SEO for a steady stream of signups and demo requests. As an SEO copywriting expert, she spins up landing pages and guides that both rank and convert for SaaS companies like Drift, TravelPerk, AfterShip, Curator, Frill, GoSquared, and others.

Strategy Copywriting SEO
Jakob Skjerning
Jakob Skjerning
Substance Lab

Substance Lab helps non-technical founders turn their bold ideas into profitable SaaS applications. They have implemented email automation and delivery optimizations for startups ranging from solo founders to running businesses with millions of users.

Automation Engineering
Alli Blum
Alli Blum
Hypothesis Department

Alli helps SaaS founders, team leads, and leadership teams answer a big question: what's next? After helping you identify your biggest gaps in research, strategy, and UX/CX, she'll coach you to mobilize insights to build a new strategy that drives more successful outcomes for your business and your customers.

Research UX
Iván Fanego
Iván Fanego

Iván helps B2B SaaS companies to position, grow and develop clients through an agnostic mix of content, SEO, PR, social, ABM, and automation. His goal is to develop sustainable growth engines acting as an external Strategic CMO.

Strategy Content Automation
Jim Zarkadas
Jim Zarkadas
Love At First Try

Jim is helping early and mid stage SaaS teams like Zenmaid.com ($1.8million ARR) to convert visitors into paid customers. He works with marketing copy, UI, email campaigns, product tours, getting-started guides, and more. Jim is obsessed with user testing and approaches design based on user feedback, not personal assumptions.

Strategy Copywriting UX

Built for product-led growth

That's why these SaaS companies have switched their email marketing automation to Userlist.

Ruben Gamez (SignWell)
Ruben Gamez
Derrick Reimer (SavvyCal)
Derrick Reimer
Justin Jackson (Transistor)
Justin Jackson
Alice Coleman (focus booster)
Alice Coleman
focus booster
Michael Koper (Nusii)
Michael Koper
Louis Nicholls (SparkLoop)
Louis Nicholls
Christian Genco (Fileinbox)
Christian Genco
Corinn Pope (Speckled)
Corinn Pope
Andy Hawkes (Loadster)
Andy Hawkes
Craig Hewitt (SalesCamp)
Craig Hewitt
Carlos Hernández (Quaderno)
Carlos Hernández
Stefan Butlin (Testpad)
Stefan Butlin
Peter Suhm (Branch)
Peter Suhm
Daniel Nalesnik (Hack Chinese)
Daniel Nalesnik
Hack Chinese
Niklas Stephenson (Legal Monster)
Niklas Stephenson
Legal Monster
Michael Thomsen (Agile Extensions)
Michael Thomsen
Agile Extensions
Kim Gjerstad (MailPoet)
Kim Gjerstad
Ben Aldred (Consent Kit)
Ben Aldred
Consent Kit
Segev Hochberg (PPC Protect)
Segev Hochberg
PPC Protect
Aaron Kassover (AgentMethods)
Aaron Kassover

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