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Is Userlist a Good Fit for Your Business?

With Userlist, you can manage your SaaS users and send automated behavior-based messages throughout their lifecycle. Before starting out, you should understand three important things:

  1. This tool is built specifically for messaging users who already signed up for your product (paying users, or those who are on the free trial/plan). If you need a tool to run your marketing email list, then you should use MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, or something similar.

  2. This tool is created specifically for web applications. Even though you could probably use it to manage desktop/mobile app users, it’s still not the perfect choice.

  3. Integrating Userlist will require some custom development on your side — not as simple as pasting a code snippet (unless you're using our Segment integration). However, once the event tracking is set up, your marketing team will be able to implement new powerful automations on their own, without bothering the developer team.

If this sounds good — let’s get the ball rolling! In this Quick Start Guide, we’ll show you the integration options and how to get things going.

Watch the video demo

Get access to the pre-recorded 10-minute demo, and see how Userlist can help you onboard new users, convert free trials, and manage customers and leads within one tool.