Is Userlist a Good Fit for Your Business?

With Userlist, you can send automated behavior-based messages to SaaS users throughout their lifecycle, as they move from marketing leads to paying customers.

With so many other tools out there, what makes Userlist a #1 choice for SaaS?

  1. Userlist is created specifically for SaaS companies. This includes user management, segmentation, lifecycle campaign templates, etc.

  2. We offer in-app messages as an additional channel. You can mix-and-match different message types within a single campaign.

  3. Userlist provides full support for company accounts, which allows you to manage, onboard and engage entire teams. That includes proper handling of many-to-many relationships between companies and users. No other email tool can do this.

Sounds good? Let’s get the ball rolling. In this Quick Start Guide, we’ll show you the integration options and how to get things going.

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