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This campaign will encourage free (or trialing) users to upgrade to a paid account. To do that, you need to show how much product value they're already getting, and highlight the features available in paid plans.

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Subject: [Positive phrase letting them know the product is working as it should.] E.g…

  • You’ve got bookings!
  • People are viewing your proposal!
  • Your emails are getting opened!  

Great news{% user.first_name %}, {{user.first_name | capitalize}}{% endif %}: [phrase letting them know the product is working as it should]!

Now, you may be wondering: what happens next? How can you…

  • [Take the next steps to feeling value from your product, e.g…
  • Get new insights from their data?
  • Get their proposal signed faster?
  • Understand their users’ behavior?]

With a [paid plan name] account, you can do all these things and more, right inside [Product].

I want to try a [paid plan name] plan. Take me to my Billing page now. [link]


Show me how to….

  • [Reference first bullet above + link to a knowledge base article / video tutorial]
  • [Reference second bullet above + link to a knowledge base article / video tutorial]
  • [Reference third bullet above + link to a knowledge base article / video tutorial]

Got questions? Need help? Just reply and let us know — we’re here for you.


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Subject: [Intriguing phrase about how a paid feature will make their lives easier.] E.g…

  • No more dull afternoons of compiling reports
  • Never worry about hitting storage space limits
  • How to prevent meeting no-shows

Hi {{user.first_name | capitalize | default: "there"}},

[Pain point referenced in subject line] is no fun. [Describe a few problems the pain point causes. E.g., keeps them at the office late in the evening, forces them to delete important files or scatter them across multiple locations, wastes precious hours each week preparing for meetings and then having to reschedule.]

With [paid feature], you’ll [get huge benefit. E.g., have the freedom to take Friday afternoons off, rest easy knowing their files are all in one place, increase productivity by 18%].

Since [paid feature] is part of our [paid plan name] plan, you’ll just want to upgrade to [paid plan name] and you’ll be good to go!

Sounds great. Take me to my Billing page now, so I can start [getting benefit] [link].

Talk soon,


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Subject: [Intriguing phrase referencing the biggest alternative solution / competitor your customers often switch to your product from.] E.g…

  • Yes, you *could* send your proposals as Word doc attachments…
  • Why people choose MailChimp over Userlist
  • If you’d rather play the follow-up game…

Hey {{user.first_name | capitalize | default: "there"}},

Sometimes, it’s great to use [alternative solution / competitor, e.g. Microsoft Word] to [do what your product does. E.g., send proposals].

[2-3 sentences describing this scenario. Point out the flaws, in a lighthearted way. Avoid being overly critical or coming across as downright rude. E.g…

  • If you’re cool with your client having full editing privileges inside your proposal…
  • If it’s no big deal that they can forward your proposal wherever they want, to whomever they want, without you having a clue whose eyeballs are on it…
  • If you don’t mind forcing your client to print out your proposal, hunt down a pen to sign it, scan it back onto their computer, and email the whole thing over to you…
  • If you’re happy spending days or weeks sitting around, waiting to find out whether that deal’s gonna close (while your proposal may just be stuck in someone’s spam folder, collecting dust)…  ]

Definitely pick [alternative solution / competitor, e.g. Microsoft Word].

Using [Product] will be a little different.

[2-3 sentences describing the benefits of using your product. E.g…

With [Product], you’ll know exactly when your proposal’s been viewed, and by whom. Not getting any views at all? Then you’ll know it’s a good time to follow up and see whether you got stuck in spam.

With [Product], your client will be able to accept, sign, and return your proposal back to you, all in one quick step. No downloading, printing, scanning, or return-emailing required.

And that means with [Product], your time spent waiting, hoping, and crossing your fingers for the deal to close gets cut from days or weeks, to mere hours — sometimes even minutes.

[1 sentence summarizing and emphasizing the larger benefit. E.g., Take your proposals as seriously as you want your clients to take you.]

Join [Product] [paid plan name] today.

Happy [verb your product does]ing,


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Subject: [Intriguing phrase comparing the experience they’re having on the trial / free plan to the improved experience they’ll get when they upgrade.] E.g…

  • What’s better than Userlist?
  • Even cooler than unlimited follow-up emails
  • The one thing missing from your proposals right now

Heya {{user.first_name | capitalize | default: "there"}},

It’s great to run on [Product name].

But it’s even better to [benefit they’ll get when they upgrade,. Eg. put the spotlight on your brand.]

So far, you’ve [been using the trial / free version of the product. E.g., already sent a few proposals to clients. And they’ve all seen that little “Powered by [Product]” snippet at the bottom of each page.]

To [get benefit / remove trial limitation, e.g. remove that snippet] and [get benefit, e.g. keep your clients focused on you], upgrade to our [paid plan name] for just [$___ / month]. [link]

When you join [Product] [paid plan name], you’ll get sooo many more perks than just [original benefit stated]. You’ll also get…

  • High-value feature #1
  • High-value feature #2
  • High-value feature #3
  • High-value feature #4
  • High-value feature #5

Plus, we’ll be right here to offer help, share tips, and make sure you squeeze every drop of value out of your new [paid plan name] account.

And if you give [paid plan name] a shot, but find out it’s not right for you? No worries. You’re welcome to cancel or downgrade your account at any time.

Upgrade today [link]. Cancel or downgrade any time.

Hope to see you in your brand new [paid plan name] account soon!


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