Getting Started with Forms

Forms help you collect email signups. This way you can grow your SaaS marketing email list through lead magnets, content upgrades, free courses, etc.

Creating a form

Go to Forms from the top navigation, then click Add Form in the top right corner. You'll be prompted for the form name, which we'll also display to the user.

Screeshot showing how to create a new form on Userlist

Then start adding form fields. You can reorder them using handles on the left.

Screenshot showing how you can reorder form fields on Userlist

You will be asked to map each form field to existing property in your database. This way, the incoming data will be structured.

Screenshot showing how to edit form fields on Userlist

Setting up your thank-you page

After the user submits a form, they'll be forwarded to a thank-you page. You have two options:

  • Display the standard thank-you page and customize the copy to fit your needs
  • Send the user to your custom URL

The standard thank-you page looks like this:

Screenshot of the standard thank you page on Userlist

Embedding a form

Most often, you'll need to embed a form into your website. To do that, please copy the HTML code from the Embed tab. The code is unstyled, so it should adapt to the default styles of your website. You can also customize the HTML to your needs.

Screenshot showing a window with an embed code for the forms

Using a hosted form

If you need a dedicated signup page, you can use our hosted version of the form. You can find the URL in the same Embed tab.

A hosted form page looks like this:

Screenshot showing a sample of a hosted form powered by Userlist

Setting up a lead magnet

If you use your form for a lead magnet (a free course, download, etc) then you need to trigger a campaign once this specific form is submitted. Learn how to do this in this article.

Double opt-in

With double opt-in, new subscribers need to confirm their subscription before joining your email list. When enabled, they'll receive a confirmation email. They will only appear on your list after they click the confirmation link in that email.

Double opt-in only applies to users that you send over without an identifier. So if you add new application users in the future (with an identifier) they will not receive an opt-in email, whereas your marketing leads (with an email but no identifier) would receive an opt-in email, imports included.

Double opt-in is currently in beta. If you'd like to enable the double opt-in feature in your account, please let us know at

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