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Your Tool for Sending Targeted In-App Messages

Engage your SaaS customers immediately, while they're using your product. Better than chat — just a way to provide helpful information exactly when your users need it.

Send onboarding tips
Promote upgrades
Broadcast new content
Announce new features

Better than chat 💬

It’s time to stop distracting your users with realtime chat. In-app messages in Userlist don’t have a “reply” option — you just give your users the right information at the moment they need it. This helps them navigate your product easily, and reduces your support workload.

You can now share actionable tips, link to help articles, promote upgrades and coupon codes, announce new features, or broadcast company news. In-app messages work alongside email inside Userlist’s behavior-based campaigns: you can select the right channel, and get very precise with your targeting.

Most importantly, we're making this feature available to all customers across all plans Let’s build a better customer experience, together!

— Regards,
Jane & Benedikt.

Get started in three quick steps

Connect your application

Include a small JavaScript snippet in your web application's layout for users who have signed in.
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Choose the right channel

Select "in-app message" as a delivery channel for any message inside your automation campaigns. You can also use it for broadcasts.

Start sending

Your message will be delivered to users when they log into your web application.

Ruben Gamez, founder of SignWell

"Userlist has quickly become one of my must-have tools. It's so well designed and focused on SaaS, unlike other bloated products I've used before."

Ruben Gamez, founder of SignWell

Frequently Asked Questions

Do in-app messages have a "reply" feature?

No, in-app messages in Userlist are designed as a one-way channel for providing helpful information. This doesn't distract the user (like a live chat could), and reduces your support volume.

When will the user receive my message?

If the user currently has your web application opened in their browser, they will receive the message immediately. Otherwise, they will see it the next time they log in.

What happens if I send multiple messages?

They are stacked up, with the most recent message appearing on top. The user can close the messages by clicking the close button, one by one. This way, if you have a great number of messages stacked, the oldest ones will be exposed eventually, even if they don't fit on the screen.

How do in-app messages look on mobile?

In-app messages in Userlist have a responsive mobile view. They appear in the bottom part of the browser screen.

How will in-app messages interact with other widgets?

You can use multiple widgets at once, but we don't recommend locating other third-party widgets (e.g. HelpScout or Intercom) in the same corner of the screen. You can customize the in-app message location in settings.

Have other questions?

Learn more in the help documentation, or get in touch anytime at support@userlist.com. We're always out there to help!

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