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Company Accounts. Done Right.

Does your SaaS product have multiple users per account, or multiple accounts per user? Userlist's data model supports that, and allows you to onboard and engage teams in a smart way.

Supporting most complex SaaS models

Track many-to-many relationships

Our data model reflects the complexity of your SaaS business. Userlist supports properties for users, companies, and relationships.

Get insights for the whole company

See activity from all users in a single company timeline. No more jumping between profiles.

No more duplicate data

Only send data on the company level, instead of updating each user with the same information. Store your plan information, feature usage, and much more.

Use our ready-to-go libraries

We offer libraries for popular frameworks and languages: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. View libraries on GitHub

Instant integration via Segment

Using Segment for your product? The same company structure will be reflected in your Userlist account. Zero development time required. See how to get started

Hands-on support

We can help you resolve any challenges related to company accounts, no matter how complex. Get in touch at support@userlist.com anytime.

Keith Perhac, founder of Segmetrics

"Many-to-many company accounts are a game-changer. No one else supports many-to-many. This is the only email tool that gets SaaS."

Keith Perhac, founder of Segmetrics
Manage company accounts
Manage company accounts

Manage entire accounts instead of juggling individual users

Use our HTTP API to send company data. No more duplicating the same information for each user.

See progress for each company
See progress for each company

See full company information, segments, activity, and much more

Explore individual users and their activity

Segment your companies
Segment your companies

Get a high-level overview of your customer accounts

See how companies move through their customer lifecycle

Send powerful email campaigns
Send powerful email campaigns

Trigger campaigns based on what's happening on the company level

Select which users should receive the message

Deliver the message using email or in-app messages

Built for product-led growth

That's why these SaaS companies have switched their email marketing automation to Userlist.

Ruben Gamez (SignWell)
Ruben Gamez
Derrick Reimer (SavvyCal)
Derrick Reimer
Justin Jackson (Transistor)
Justin Jackson
Alice Coleman (focus booster)
Alice Coleman
focus booster
Michael Koper (Nusii)
Michael Koper
Louis Nicholls (SparkLoop)
Louis Nicholls
Christian Genco (Fileinbox)
Christian Genco
Corinn Pope (Speckled)
Corinn Pope
Andy Hawkes (Loadster)
Andy Hawkes
Craig Hewitt (SalesCamp)
Craig Hewitt
Carlos Hernández (Quaderno)
Carlos Hernández
Stefan Butlin (Testpad)
Stefan Butlin
Peter Suhm (Branch)
Peter Suhm
Daniel Nalesnik (Hack Chinese)
Daniel Nalesnik
Hack Chinese
Niklas Stephenson (Legal Monster)
Niklas Stephenson
Legal Monster
Michael Thomsen (Agile Extensions)
Michael Thomsen
Agile Extensions
Kim Gjerstad (MailPoet)
Kim Gjerstad
Ben Aldred (Consent Kit)
Ben Aldred
Consent Kit
Segev Hochberg (PPC Protect)
Segev Hochberg
PPC Protect
Aaron Kassover (AgentMethods)
Aaron Kassover

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