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Failed Payment Recovery

There’s a number of reasons why any of your customers (even the most loyal ones) may have a failed payment at any time: an expired card, card number change, exceeded card limit, etc. A lot of that can be fixed by automating your failed payment recovery process (also known as dunning).

Feel free to customize any of the messages below with user’s plan name, upcoming charge amount, or any other useful data by including Liquid tags. You should also set this up as a repeatable campaign to trigger this sequence every time, not just once.

Message 1 of 3

Subject: We’ve got a problem with your [Product] payment

[Greeting line]

We attempted to charge your card as planned, but sadly the payment didn’t go through. Can you please take a minute to review your card details? If everything looks right, please reply to this message & we’ll investigate.


Message 2 of 3

Subject: Action required: payment problem with your [Product] account

[Greeting line]

It’s been a few days past your billing date, and unfortunately we’re still unable to charge your card. Can you please update your billing details?

Click here to update your billing details


Message 3 of 3

Subject: Sadly, your [Product] subscription will be cancelled in [5 days]

[Greeting line]

We’ve been attempting to charge your card for a while according to your [Plan Name], but haven’t had any success. To keep your subscription active, please update your card details as soon as you can.

If we don’t hear from you in another [5 days], your subscription will be cancelled. Your data will be safe for another [30 days] before the account is ultimately deleted (as sad as it sounds).


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