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Company Segments

Company segments are dynamically updated groups of companies that match a specific condition. Companies have their own segments which work similar to user segments.

Segments are useful in many ways:

  • Segments help you get a high-level understanding of your accounts.
  • You can set up segment conditions once, and not think about it every time.
  • You can trigger campaigns when a company joins or leaves a segment.

How to access company segments

You can access company segments from the Companies list: see Segments link in the top right corner.

Best practices for segmenting

We recommend that you set up a segment for each lifecycle stage. This way, you can send them a campaign when the company joins a segment. Below you'll find typical segments for most common SaaS models: free trial and freemium.

Free trial model

  • Trialing
  • Trial Expiring
  • Expired Trials
  • Paying Customers
  • Advanced Companies
  • Cancelled Companies

Freemium model

  • Free Companies
  • Activated Free Companies
  • Paying Customers
  • Cancelled Companies

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