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Read, watch & listen in May

Account-level data, viral loops, and more.

Katarina Andrejević
Katarina Andrejević

Hey friend 🙌

Welcome to our first official monthly recap email. As with everything else, we'll want to keep this short, sweet, and relevant.

If we were to describe the theme of May in one word, it would have to be: data.

With that in mind, the spotlight goes to the latest in-depth guide on account level data in B2B SaaS.

What is account-level data for B2B SaaS?

Featured image for account-level data guide

In B2B SaaS, it's common for one user to be part of multiple accounts or workspaces. Not collecting account-level data results in an aggregate view without any company context.

Moreover, certain events (trial_started, subscription_cancelled) take place within an account impact every user, not just the one who performed it.

For that reason and more, we had Arpit Choudhury of astorik deliver this detailed guide describing the relevance of account-level data and how it can be implemented in B2B SaaS.

Read the guide →

We compiled 50+ podcasts relating to SaaS, entrepreneurship, and business you can incorporate into your content consumption routine.

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There's also Jane's super thorough breakdown of marketing, transactional, and lifecycle emails, describing what they are, and how they can be included in your acquisition and activation sequences.

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Workshop recap: viral loops

Featured image for viral loops with Patrick Thompson

ICYMI, this month, Patrick Thompson of Amplitude joined us to share more knowledge on how user acquisition can be amplified through viral loops.

When we hear the word "viral", we instantly think about a piece of content making rapid rounds on the Internet. However, you can apply the same concept to gain more customers for your SaaS product

"It's not a magic wand that you can wave to bake in virality in a matter of weeks or months. You do have to lay the foundation for it to thrive, and it's not always an easy task depending on your organization."

Watch and read the workshop recap →


Product updates

In May we published a video demo for our DataCater integration. DataCater is a platform that enables you to stream data from data sources to data sinks in real-time, with the ability to apply transformations along the way. Our own Benedikt Deicke shares the motivation and logic behind the integration in his post.

See Benedikt's post →

From our miscellaneous drawer

A collection of tools and reading material we loved in May:

Do you have any thoughts, questions, or topics you want to dicsuss with us? We'd love to meet you on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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