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How to Connect Your App to Userlist with DataCater

How to Connect Your App to Userlist with DataCater

We're excited to announce our integration with DataCater. Now you can use DataCater to connect your apps to Userlist.

What is DataCater?

DataCater is a platform that enables you to stream data from data sources to data sinks in real-time, with the ability to apply transformations along the way.

The motivation

Individual software applications typically require code adjustments, like the installation of API calls, for integrations with third-party systems. We know this challenge well and experienced it often with our own users.

Our friends at DataCater are big fans of log-based change data capture (CDC). It allows you to consume data changes in a database without having to touch the application code. While CDC is typically rather complicated to set up — did you ever write code to consume a replication log? Meanwhile, DataCater offers plug & play CDC connectors for many database systems.

How do I get started?

To get started, watch the demo video below.

It shows a sample folder-editing app, which allows users to sign up and create albums. The goal is to track all user activity in Userlist. The example application is powered by a PostgreSQL database.

We created three data pipelines in DataCater, which are used to sync data changes from the demo application to Userlist. We then applied a couple of transformations that prepare the format of the data changes as expected by Userlist.

As a result, DataCater streams data from the demo application in real-time to Userlist where you can make use of it for interacting with your customers. All that is done without touching code and in a matter of minutes!

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