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Measure Your Growth with Performance Reporting

Need the data to inform your product-led growth? Measure detailed performance for each message in workflows, campaigns, and broadcasts. Track conversion goals and run A/B/C tests.

Get the data for your product-led growth

Measure delivery metrics

Get the number of messages delivered, opened, clicked, and unsubscribed. Learn more how we measure these metrics.

Measure engagement metrics

Understand your engagement by tracking open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates for every message.

Measure by date range

Get message delivery and engagement metrics for any selected time period. Compare the stats to analyze campaign performance over time.

Track conversion goals

In a workflow, start a time window and measure how many users achieve the goal within that window. Coming soon

Run A/B/C tests

In a workflow, randomly distribute users into 2-5 weighted paths to test your hypotheses.

Watch your segments

See how many users belong to each segment to understand the structure of your customer base.

Listen to our happy customers

These SaaS companies are scaling their growth and marketing with Userlist. You could be doing that, too.

"We cut our churn by 25% in three months, which has a big impact on our growth. We did that through a couple messages in Userlist."

Aaron Kassover
Aaron Kassover

"Take my money! Userlist is a game-changer. Almost too easy. The integration was like, write these two lines of code, and then you have this beautiful tool."

Daniel Nalesnik
Daniel Nalesnik
Hack Chinese

"100% recommend Userlist. It's the only tool with the account-user relationship done right. Also, great customer service by very technical people."

Michael Koper
Michael Koper

"I'm telling everyone about Userlist, still excited about the tool. It's the best spot for me to see what happened. It's literally my user list."

Peter Suhm
Peter Suhm

"Our previous solution just didn't feel right. In-app messages, especially in-app broadcasts, are the absolute sweet spot for us."

Alice Coleman
Alice Coleman
focus booster

"Feels like you built this tool exactly for me. It's like using cheat codes for better user onboarding. I banged out three campaigns in about two hours!"

Christian Genco
Christian Genco

"It's time for the landscape to shift. Moving from Intercom to Userlist has freed up a lot of pressure on the costs side of things."

Baird Hall
Baird Hall

"The tool is fantastic. The templates are so well thought-out. It literally saved me days compared to creating the emails from scratch."

Aggelos Mouzakitis
Aggelos Mouzakitis
Product-led Academy

"Yesterday I switched from Intercom to Userlist. Night. And. Day. Every startup/SaaS should switch to Userlist."

Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin

"This is exactly how workflow builders should work. Excited to see where the team takes this. Excited to use this for our own email marketing."

Brennan Dunn
Brennan Dunn

"Userlist is data-driven. It's so much better than tag-based automation. Really enjoy the simplicity and attention to detail in the product."

Andy Hawkes
Andy Hawkes

"No other email automation tool supports companies so well. Now I can record a company-level event once, and start a campaign for all users from that company."

Michael Thomsen
Michael Thomsen
Agile Extensions

All you need to get started

Direct API integration

Use our simple HTTP API to push data as JSON. Track user behavior by sending user properties and events.

Instant integrations

Send your customer data to Userlist in a few clicks via Segment, Rudderstack, or Zapier. Zero development time required.

Ready-to-go libraries

We offer libraries for popular frameworks and languages: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP.

Free guides and frameworks

It's not just a tool, it's a framework developed specifically for SaaS lifecycle automation. Explore our guides and email examples to get started.

Built-in Templates

Use our full-text campaign templates written by email experts, so that you never have to write anything from scratch.

Free planning worksheets

It's much easier to follow best practices, so we provide free printable worksheets for you to get started.

Book your demo call

Let's see how Userlist fits into the bigger picture of your SaaS business. You'll learn about our automation features, integrations, proven lifecycle fameworks, and how we can help you confidently hit your growth goals.