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Read, watch & listen in July

Segmentation, GA4, survey-based research, and more

Katarina Andrejević
Katarina Andrejević

Hey friend 🙌

Are you coming back from your vacation, or getting ready for one? Either way, we hope you enjoy(ed) whatever your plans are/were.

To keep you up to date on all things SaaS-relevant, here are our highlights for this month.

Segmenting Accounts vs Individual Users

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We're very enthusiastic about the potential of guiding users both on individual and company levels. However, we noticed that the segmentation of account vs user level data is a frequent stumbling stone for many B2B SaaS.

Jane, our CEO, wrote a detailed guide on the implementation of account vs user level data, going into the very nitty gritty of the process.

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For a very beginner-friendly but thorough introduction to SaaS user onboarding, you can always refer to our cornerstone user onboarding guide.

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On a related topic, here's a nifty overview of user onboarding software. Listing 20+ different tools, we aimed to present you with the advantages and proper use of every single one. Hope it will help you determine the right fit for your needs.

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More into a listening mode? We got you covered:

  • Building Two-sided Marketplaces with John Doherty
    Founder of Credo and Editor Ninja shares his thoughts on building two-sided marketplaces while reducing the friction to both parties and actionable tips on scaling marketplaces.
  • Google Analytics with Julian Juenemann
    Not sure you understand the upcoming changes to Google Analytics? Google Analytics exert and the founder of MeasureSchool brings us up to date on what to expect and how to prepare for Google Analytics 4.
  • Survey-based Research Projects with Becky Lawlor
    Becky Lawlor, founder of Sparkifico, guided us through the benefits of doing research content, how to identify the angle for your research, what to include when identifying your audience, tools that you can use for conducting the survey, and more.

Miscellaneous yet practical

  • Not all email clients are created equal. That makes it challenging to predict if all your email assets will be delivered in the way you intended. We came across a nifty tool by Parcel that can help with that.
  • How you present the data in your marketing can have great impact on the outcome of your marketing. We can across this interesting episode explaining how you can make your numbers more memorable. Worth a listen!
  • Last thing for today, but definitely not the least. Our friends at the Product-led Stack community have created a dedicated channel for Userlist customers and professionals interested in email automation. It will be a place where we'll exchange feedback, share recent product updates, and give you early sneak peaks of product updates. Join us and say hi :)

Have an enjoyable week 🍨


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