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New integrations: SavvyCal, Refiner, Heap

We're excited to announce three new integrations in Userlist. To enable any of the integrations above, please head over to the Integrations directory inside the app.


SavvyCal integration with Userlist

Our SavvyCal integration helps you add event attendees to your Userlist database as leads, and nurture them using powerful email automation.

When someone schedules a new event in SavvyCal, this integration passes their email address to Userlist via a webhook. Userlist then looks up users with this address, and creates a custom event for them. You can also choose to create new users, if no such email address is found.

View the documentation


Refiner integration with Userlist

Our Refiner integration helps you sync user activity between Refiner and Userlist. When your customer views a survey, completes a survey, or dismisses a survey in Refiner, these events will show up in their Userlist activity feed. Then you can segment your customers and trigger email campaigns based on these events.

View the documentation

Heap (closed beta)

Refiner integration with Userlist

Our Heap integration helps you leverage your customer data from Heap to send communications via Userlist. This integration is implemented via external segments.

External segments live in Heap, but are also displayed in Userlist. Customer behavior data and segment conditions remain in Heap, and Userlist will know when someone joins or leaves such segment.

View the documentation

Help us with the beta

Are you using Heap? Welcome to join the beta — just let us know. External segments are a big deal, and we're planning a bigger launch with Heap in April.

— Regards, Jane.

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