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Read, watch & listen in August

Hey friend 🙌

July was a month of travel for much of Userlist team. While some explored the depths of the sea, others explored the heights of Italian gothic architecture, or traveled to listen to their favorite band.

Here are the topics we talked about in between…

SaaS email marketing in-depth

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Sometime in June, we had a call with Amit Gupta, where we talked in great detail about email tools for SaaS.

We turned that call into a guide — "everything you should know about SaaS email marketing" and why everyone struggles (about a thousand reasons why).

Read the guide →

In case you're planning a price increase in the near future, you'll need a firm but empathetic approach of informing your customers. In today's economy, that's a very probable scenario, so no harm in being ready. We looked into the examples of 14 different SaaS companies who have gone through the process and walked you through the pros and cons.

Read the guide →

On the evergreen topic of user onboarding, welcome to check out our list of 20+ trusted tools. We separated them in 5 categories:

  1. Email onboarding tools
  2. Tooltops and tours
  3. Helpdesk software
  4. Video and webinars
  5. User behavior analytics

Browse the tools →

P.S. We also hosted a Big User Onboarding Roundtable featuring Esben Friis-Jensen, Claudiu Murariu, and Johann Kunders. Our recap will be live soon, but in the meantime, you can watch the recording here.


July on Better Done Than Perfect podcast was marked by:

  • Finding Product-market Fit with Andrew Reifman Where Jane and Andrew discussed why you need to get your product out there as early as possible, how to follow your gut feel in finding the fit, why you should focus on your core product, and more.

From the miscellaneous drawer

  • Jane was recently a guest on UX Writing Hub podcast, where Yuval Keshtcher talked to her about writing effective emails for SaaS businesses. You can listen to it here.
  • Do we really need a data dictionary and what are the alternative approaches we can take? An insightful piece by Locally Optimistic definitely made it to our reading list.
  • Parcel.io published a list of accessibility rules applied by their Accessibility checker tool. You can find it here.

Do you have any thoughts, questions, or topics you want to discuss with us? We'd love to meet you on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Until next month 👋


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