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Culture, values, operating principles & more

Company values are a living, breathing thing. If you don’t think about them early, they will emerge themselves later (and might not align with your expectations).

This idea is not new. Here are a few interesting examples of company values:

We’ve been very intentional about building a certain type of company here at Userlist. Pragmatic, sustainable, transparent. When we got together in the fall of 2017, we did the brand sprint exercise to align our expectations as co-founders, and the results still hold up.

However — as we incorporated and kept growing — it became important to capture our company values and share them publicly. So we held a special meeting a few weeks ago, and distilled our core values:

  • Creating value
  • Pragmatism
  • People first
  • Quality
  • Honesty & ethics

These are not just words — they translate into real-life activities. For example, "creating value" means the following for us:

Helping customers is the primary reason why we are in the software business. We’re here to craft a reliable tool, and help customers make the most out of it — through educational materials and personal support. The goal of our marketing activities is to honestly deliver as much value as possible. We’re always happy to recommend other tools if it makes more sense.

We also wrote down key principles that guide our everyday operations, and published them alongside core values on our About Us page. Click here to take a look.

What about you? What matters the most to your company?

— Regards, Jane.

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