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Userlist is Officially Live

Dear friends, thank you so much for following our journey… We’re officially out of beta today and live on Product Hunt 🎉

What is Userlist for?

To recap, Userlist is a customer messaging tool that helps you onboard and engage your SaaS customers. It’s much more efficient than building an in-house solution, and way less complex than Intercom and other enterprise tools.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Keep track of your SaaS users, who they are and what they do
  • Segment your users
  • Create behavior-based email campaigns
  • Send one-off broadcast messages
  • Make use of power features like built-in templates, Liquid tags, snippets, etc

Snapshots from our journey

We’ve been super-open about our journey from the very first days in 2017. Here are some of the best stories we’ve shared along the way:

What can you do to help?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial.
  2. Recommend us to your friends and colleagues.
  3. Let us know at support@userlist.com if you have your own audience and would like to participate in the affiliate program.
  4. Give us some love on Product Hunt.
  5. Share this message on Twitter.

It’s a lot of feelings: we’re proud of what we’ve built, excited about the future, grateful to early adopters for trusting us with their customer messaging, and grateful to you for being here and cheering up 🙌

— Regards, Jane, Claire & Benedikt.

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