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One email list, multiple products in your portfolio

Hey friend 🙌

The preps for Q4 are in full swing, aren’t they? Hopefully you took enough sunny days off to rest, recharge and be ready to conquer your KPIs.

We’ll do what we can to help by providing you with several relevant chunks of knowledge below.

One email list, multiple products

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Do you have a portfolio of products under your company's belt? Organizing email automation for all of them is not an easy feat.

That's why Jane, our co-founder, wrote an extensive guide on best practices, including a real life example from Blue Cat Reports. Thanks to the expert review of Jason Resnick of NurtureKit, you can now find the post here.

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We tried going back to basics but expanding on them a little more. An in-depth checklist of user onboarding requirements with a chock-full of real-life examples for you to draw inspiration from.

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Speaking on expanding on the basics, there's also a very nifty list of SaaS onboarding metrics and the strategies that can be used to improve them.

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In the previous month, we talked about:

  • Now/Next/Later Roadmapping with Janna Bastow Which was a gem. Janna told us more about stepping away from time-based roadmaps, how this framework allows flexibility, and why it's okay to apply only some parts of a methodology based on your situation.
  • Product Monetization with John Kotowski Where we revisited buyer personas, how to adjust pricing plans, the value of smart discounts, and tiered vs. usage-based pricing.

From our miscellaneous drawer

  • Benedikt was recently a guest on Remote Ruby, where he talked about building products with Rails, scaling those products, Ember.js, and Userlist. Listen to the episode here.
  • Our very own Customer Success engineer and a lovely human has recently launched a podcast called Postgres FM. For all the things PostgreSQL, you can listen to them here.
  • How do different font stacks fit on a line? We've spotted an interesting tool in the wild that can help you discover that. Meet Letters Per Line.
  • You can now book a free strategy call with Jane to unpack your email problems.

Have an email automation question we haven't answered before? You can always reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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