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Trying to finish the year with a bang?

Maybe take a break instead. And read up on some good chunks of knowledge.

Katarina Andrejević
Katarina Andrejević

Hey friend 🙌

We’ve survived the Thanksgiving dinners, Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals, Germany losing to Japan, Serbia losing to Brazil, etc. The whole year has in general been intense on so many levels. So I just want to remind you of this:

Screenshot of Carolie Leaf's tweet about taking it slow

Link to tweet if you want to spread wholesomeness with your community

So rest. Don't feel pressured to finish the year with a bang. Take a break to rest, recharge, and go into the next year with energy for new wins, challenges, and experiences.

In the meantime, read up. We've got good chunks of knowledge lined up for you.

What you can learn from coaches & ecommerce

Featured image for our blog post on email marketing in other industries

Speaking of BFCM and the whole deal, what can SaaS marketers actually learn from ecommerce businesses? In his first post for Userlist, Jackob Suckow shares with us specific examples from coaching and ecommerce businesses that B2B SaaS marketers can leverage in their strategies.

Take a look →

When was the last time you redid your lead magnets? If that's on your bucket list for Q1 2023, this is probably the good time to start researching. And we've prepared and analyzed 20+ examples across various industries.

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  • Content curation: The topic close to my heart, and the one I was looking forward being covered on Better Done Than Perfect. Tune in to hear Jonathan Gandolf cover the topic in one of our latest episodes.
  • The definite highlight for email marketing enthusiasts was the episode with Claudiu Murariu of InnerTrends. He and Jane covered the topic of measuring the ROI of email in this must-listen episode.

Product updates

When it comes to Userlist itself, the very exciting update in November was the introduction of Subscription preferences.

If you're a Userlist user, now you can now categorize your messages into topics, define if and how they are displayed, and allow your users to customize what they want to receive from you.

How subscription preferences work →

From our miscellaneous drawer

  • Jane is hosting a session on How to Can Save Money on High-volume Email in the upcoming ProductLed Summit, happening on December 6-7. Make sure to get your free ticket and not miss out.
  • November highlight from our #learning channel on Slack was definitely this podcast episode about warehouse-native tools.
  • A refreshing blend of humorous and insightful take on what's been going on with Twitter.
  • Our marketing manager Krista is celebrating their birthday today 🎉 They're producing all three podcasts, and publishing every article you see here.

Have a question we haven't answered before? You can always reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Until next month 👋


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