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Userlist is a TinySeed 2020 Company

Userlist is a TinySeed 2020 Company

We're proud to officially announce that Userlist joined the 2020 batch of TinySeed accelerator program by Rob Walling and Einar Vollset.

This means we received a small round of funding, and will spend the next 12 months hanging out with fellow founders, as well as receive guidance from the mentors. This is amazing, especially given the crazy world situation.

More to listen & read:

Fellow companies in the 2020 batch

  • BlueRithm by Andrew Martin β€” helps building and property engineers streamline their mission-critical and commercial commissioning projects.
  • BuilderPrime by Jonathan Weinberg β€” helps home improvement and solar contractors manage and grow their business with industry-specific CRM and Production Management software.
  • CodeSubmit by Dominic Phillips and Tracy Schmorleitz β€” a code assessment platform providing companies with real engineering tasks for their candidates instead of brain teasers or puzzles.
  • DealForma by Chris Dokomajilar β€” a biotech deals database that helps healthcare business developers and investors make better informed strategic decisions with deep industry research and analytics.
  • Docsketch by Ruben Gamez β€” a free electronic signature tool for legally binding esignatures and faster document signing.
  • Reftab by Michael Caslowitz and Robert Hoyt β€” helps schools and businesses track assets such as laptops, camera gear, cables, tools, and any other equipment a company owns.
  • Scatterspoke by Colleen Johnson and John Samuelson β€” a tool for Agile development teams to run smarter retrospectives based on data, feedback and analytics.
  • ScoutDNS by Tim Adams β€” content filtering and malware protection that operates at the DNS layer.
  • ScrapingBee by Pierre de Wulf and Kevin Sahin β€” a web scraping API that handles proxies and Javascript rendering for end-users.
  • SeekWell by Michael Ritchie and Thabo Fisher β€” adds SQL to the apps your team already uses including Google Sheets, Slack, and email.
  • SegMetrics by Keith Perhac β€” helps marketers discover insights to optimize their campaigns through advanced cohort reporting and lead source attribution.
  • SquadCast by Zach Moreno and Rock Felder β€” helps podcasters connect with co-hosts or guests to record studio-quality audio inside a web browser.

Here's to the bright future ahead πŸ™Œ

β€” Regards, Jane & Benedikt.

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