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Today: Get Userlist at the Lowest Price We’ll Ever Offer

We have exciting news to share... Starting today, you can pre-order a subscription to Userlist, and lock in your first 6 months at a 30% discount! ?

Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop
How to get a pre-order for Userlist

We have exciting news to share… Starting today, you can pre-order a subscription to Userlist, and lock in your first 6 months at a 30% discount! ?

That means you’ll…

  • Be one of the very first to access Userlist, as soon as our MVP launches (happening soon)
  • Receive a guided onboarding experience, with personal setup assistance directly from the founders
  • Enjoy 6 months of your chosen plan… at the lowest rate we’ll ever offer!

But heads up: pre-orders are only available until Wednesday, April 11 — so be sure to lock in your 30% discount quickly.

What exactly do pre-orders look like?

Here’s what a 30% discount looks like for every Userlist plan (learn more about the plans here):

  • Basic — up to 1,000 users (reg $49/month, or $294/6 months) → only $205
  • Growth — up to 5,000 users (reg $99/month, or $594/6 months) → only $415
  • Scale — up to 20,000 users (reg $229/month, or $1,374/6 months) → only $961
  • Enterprise — up to 100,000 users (reg $499/month, or $2,994/6 months) → only $2,095

We'll charge you for the first 6 months on the selected immediately. This pre-paid time will start when you get access to the beta. When your pre-paid time is over, we'll continue billing you monthly (with a friendly note about that in advance). You're also protected with our 100% money-back guarantee anytime.

You may be wondering… will it really be worth it to try some new user communication tool? While we’re a bit biased, we strongly believe: yes!

Why do I need this tool?

If you’re facing any of these problems with your SaaS product…

  • You can’t figure out individual users’ journeys. What exactly do people do before converting? What leads them to churn?
  • Leading analytics tools like Mixpanel, Heap or KISSmetrics are too complex and provide useless “average” values
  • Sending event-based emails requires painfully integrating lots of bulky tools
  • Enterprise-level solutions are outrageously expensive for your self-funded company…

…then giving Userlist a try will be totally worth it.

We’re here to help you…

  • Manage all your users in a simple, beautiful admin panel
  • See individual user journeys, so you can understand what people are actually doing with your app
  • Create email workflows based on what users do (or don’t do)

And since Userlist is still under development, your input is extremely valuable and important to us — which is why we’re super-serious about providing personal setup assistance, and learning from you along the way!

We can’t wait to begin inviting folks into the product — and we sure hope you’ll be one of them. Make sure to lock in your 30% discount, before it disappears. Pre-orders close Wednesday, April 11.

About the author
Claire Suellentrop

A co-founder of Userlist, Claire is now the co-founder and chief operating officer of Forget The Funnel.

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