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Userlist 8-Minute Demo

In this short demo video, we'll walk you through the key features of Userlist: users, company accounts, campaigns, segments, automation, broadcasts, and much more. If you still have questions, contact us or schedule a demo call.

Ready to level up your email automation?

Implement self-serve user onboarding

Onboard your users with automated behavior-based campaigns. Activate free users and upsell them to paid plans.

Send lifecycle communications

Send lifecycle email and in-app messages based on user behavior. Promote upgrades, collect feedback, ask for testimonials or referrals.

Send marketing email

Build your marketing email list using forms and lead nurture campaigns. Use broadcasts for newsletters and announcements.

Build visual workflows

Create complex visual workflows that reflect customer journeys for different roles and scenarios.

Segment your customers

Segment both users and companies dynamically based on their behavior data.

Leverage multiple channels

Mix-and-match emails, in-app messages, and integration channels to achieve your marketing goals.

Run A/B/C tests

With the split test feature, randomly distribute users into 2-5 different paths to test your hypotheses.

Set conversion goals

Assign a conversion tracking period and see if the user has reached their goal within that window. Coming soon

Measure performance

For each message, get a detailed report for a specific time period that includes open, click, and unsubscribe rates.

Send broadcasts

Send newsletters or product updates to your audience. Send targeted broadcasts to invite a segment of users for beta testing or customer research.

Build your list with forms

Build your marketing email list using signup forms. Use forms for your waiting list, lead magnets, or content upgrades.

Offer subscription preferences

Instead of a single unsubscribe link, offer your subscribers layered subscription preferences with topics.

Implement company-level automation

Manage company accounts with many-to-many relationships. Email users based on what's happening in the company.

Send notifications to your team

Notify your team as part of your automation journeys. Let them know about promising trials or churn risk.

Connect with your tools

Use our integrations and webhooks to trigger actions in your sales CRM or help desk software.

Ruben Gamez, founder of SignWell

"Userlist has quickly become one of my must-have tools. It's so well designed and focused on SaaS, unlike other bloated products I've used before."

Ruben Gamez, founder of SignWell

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