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What exactly should I track? 🧐

It’s Jane on the line, and we’re talking about tracking user behavior today 🙌 First, a few links to what we wrote already:

As we’ve been doing demos and onboarding early customers, it quickly turned out that a successful integration has two sides to it: (a) accurate technical implementation, and (b) figuring out what exactly to track. To our surprise, the latter represents a big challenge as well. We also ran into it ourselves, when figuring out what we should know about our own users.

To address this challenge, we brainstormed different aspects of user behavior and added a section with tracking ideas to our integration guide. The goal here is not only to see what users do, but be able to segment them (e.g. by adoption progress) and trigger meaningful campaigns.

See sample ideas for tracking user behavior »

We’d love to say that we’re the pioneers in the field to think about this, but it wouldn’t be true ? The awesome folks at Segment (a popular integration and analytics tool) have been writing about tracking plans a lot, so we suggest you explore their blog as well. Here’s a nice article to begin with.

Hope this was useful! As always, we’re open to questions and comments about your own best practices.

— Regards, Jane.

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