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Pick & choose what to see in your user list ⭐️

Showing who your users are — and what they do — is one of the key features of Userlist. Our customers log into the app to figure out their user situation. However, up to this moment the actual user list has been pretty basic…

But not anymore! Benedikt shipped an epic improvement 🚀 So now you can:

  • Pick and choose what properties to display in your user list
  • Reorder columns to your taste
  • Quick search your user list
  • Filter your user list using advanced filters (well, this one has been available for a while)

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:

Screenshot of user list customization

We’re excited about this as users, too. Within our own Userlist account, we have a whole grid of properties that indicate feature usage (number of campaigns, broadcasts, segments, snippets, etc). So now we can quickly scroll through the customer list and see who’s using what, identify accounts that need our attention, and make more informed product decisions.

Here’s to “staying on top” of your user list 😀

— Regards, Jane.

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