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Team accounts? 🤯

It’s Jane on the line, and we’re talking about multi-user accounts today.

This topic is so-o-o-o overlooked in popular marketing articles. Authors always talk about SaaS lifecycle as if it has a single independent user. But what if it’s a five-person team, and a single user is only responsible for a fraction of activity?

We’ve been overlooking this problem, too, in the early versions of Userlist. But it surfaced instantly when we started planning our own lifecycle emails (i.e. “eating our own dog food”). These problems are nowhere close to an easy solution:

  • How do we show the user/company relationship in the user list, considering that one user can also belong to several companies (e.g. consultants or owners of multiple products)?
  • Should certain events/properties be tracked on per-user level, company level, or both?
  • Who of the users gets onboarded and how?

Team accounts are an absolute classic in the world of SaaS, yet the problems above can make your head explode if you want to do things “the smart way” (not just fire the same onboarding sequence to everyone). We all remember the frustrating experience of “getting to know Slack” for the 20th time for each new team.

So the question for today is — if you run a SaaS with team accounts, how do you go about these problems? How do you track activity across such accounts? How do you onboard the users?

We’re all ears! Just email us at support@userlist.com and let us know.

— Regards, Jane.

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