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🎙 Slow & Steady

Firsthand, our launch last week was spectacular. Userlist scored #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and the response from the community was mind-blowing. If you ask me personally, this was clearly the most successful launch I’ve ever participated in 😀 Thank you all so much for your support and upvotes 💛

Yesterday we also got our first annual customer, which feels like another wonderful milestone.

Now, why we’re writing today…

Our co-founder Benedikt and his friend Brian Rhea started a new podcast dedicated to their SaaS journeys. It’s called Slow & Steady, and it’s one of those honest shows where founders are brave (and vulnerable) enough to share all the highs and lows.

In the latest episode, First Day of School, they talk about our launch, some stressful hiccups in the days prior, and discuss Brian’s business model. Subscribe to hear more details about Userlist, published weekly!

Learn more & subscribe »

— Regards, Jane.

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