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🚀 Shipped lately

It’s Jane on the line today, sharing some latest feature news. Here’s what we added lately…

Campaign goals. Campaigns now have goals — conditions that allow the user to exit the campaign prematurely when they do what you want. Let’s say, you have a 5-message campaign promoting a specific feature; and the user starts using it when they’re at message #3. A campaign goal will get the user out of the campaign, and skip the remaining two messages. (You can also skip individual messages by setting conditions on each one.)

Liquid tags in test emails. Liquid tags now have special treatment in test emails. Previously, it was hard to tell if the Liquid part was recognized by the system or not. Now they’re processed and highlighted, which should be helpful. We’re planning to improve on that further down the road, and send test emails based on individual user data which you select.

Filters saved as segments. When you filter the user list, now there’s a way to save these users as a segment right away.

As we’ve been sending out beta invites, more new users are coming on board, which is very exciting and motivating ?

— Regards, Jane.

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