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Making you awesome: rolling out campaign templates 💛

It’s Jane on the line today, and we’re talking about making you awesome. Not only we strive to create a great tool; we want you to succeed by using this tool. (Here’s a great book on the topic by Kathy Sierra.)

What would that mean for you? Minimize your setup effort. Minimize your writing effort. Level up your email game. Convert more trials. Drive your adoption and retention rates with relevant campaigns!

Our customer interviews showed that most founders face a writer’s block when it comes to crafting those onboarding emails. So providing campaign templates was our goal from day one. We had three layers of execution planned for that, and proud to announce that all three are nearly done:

  1. Write actual campaigns for our early pre-order customers. Yes, Claire did that hands-on for several SaaS businesses!

  2. Publish pre-written templates in our knowledge base: that’s already live, click here to browse the full-text templates. Welcome to copy-and-paste anytime.

  3. Bake in pre-written templates into the app itself. This feature is already in testing and will go out soon. You’ll be able to pre-populate your campaigns with a single click while creating them.

Here’s a screenshot of this new feature:

Template Feature Preview

Of course you’d need to customize these templates to fit your business, but hopefully it will make your life way easier. Let us know what you think — as always, we’re all ears!

— Regards, Jane.

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