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Shipped lately: new condition triggers

If you run your own product, then you know how it goes… Historically, the product moves forward without an important feature in place, and then other things keep coming up.

Same thing happened here.

We somehow managed to get by without an important trigger type. Previously, if you wanted to send a campaign based on properties, you had to go and create an appropriate segment (not ideal and often confusing).

But now it's fixed — a few days ago, Benedikt rolled out a new trigger type. It allows you to trigger campaigns based on a set of conditions only. It also comes with some behind-the-scenes improvements, and there's a nifty spinner which calculates the number of matching users on the fly. See screenshot below:

Condition Trigger in Userlist

We hope this will make it easier to set up new campaigns, and make your workflow a bit smoother.

— Regards, Jane.

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