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Lisbon, SaaS & email deliverability

…and how to write a product launch email

Katarina Andrejević
Katarina Andrejević

Hey friend 🙌

Hello from Lisbon. It's sunny, pleasant 20ish degrees Celsius, and I'm writing this newsletter while waiting for my coffee and the daily dose of pastel de natas.

Another upside to being a fully remote team. By the time this lands in your inbox, I'll be back home, snuggling with my pets.

But while we're here, let's do the overview of worthwhile SaaS- and email-related knowledge.

20+ SaaS Product Launch Email Examples

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Launch days are always a big thing, and if you're a SaaS, your email list is your best shot at success. We talked about what makes a successful product launch email, the types of product launch emails, and analyzed over 20 industry examples.

Take a look →

SaaS newsletters: The good, the bad, and the action-triggering. We talked about your goals for the newsletter, formats, voice, and provided a ton of examples highlighting the best practices.

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This month's episodes were marked by amazing females with vibrant attitudes and tons of knowledge.

  • My personal favorite was the conversation on email deliverability with Lauren Meyer. It provided an amazing overview of a highly complex topic, giving amazing insight of how we as senders can affect inbox placement. Definitely tune in.
  • Krista's favorite was an episode with Samar Owais on email strategy. Samar shared her knowledge on extended onboarding flows, doing SaaS discounts the right way, and the amazing story of how she built her career. Listen to her here.

From our miscellaneous drawer

Have an email automation question we haven't answered before? You can always reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Until next month 👋


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Katarina is a former Staff Editor at HackerNoon, and has experience with communities of marketing and development professionals. She's a fan of true crime shows, knitting, and smooth user experiences.