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Where are you on the spectrum?

Levels of awareness. It started with this tweet by Val Geisler:

“I don’t write onboarding teardowns for people who need to be convinced to “do email”. If you’re ready to look your email marketing in the face, my content is ready for you.”

Boom, the lights went on. Not like we didn’t know about levels of awareness before… But Val was so confident. She instantly fueled our own confidence in the journey towards product-market fit. What’s common between all Userlist customers is a high level of awareness!

Here’s how Brian Clark describes the five levels of awareness in his classic article from 2012 (also, another oldie-but-goodie from Copy Hackers):

  1. The Most Aware. Your prospect knows your product, and only needs to know “the deal.”

  2. Product-Aware. Your prospect knows what you sell, but isn’t sure it’s right for him.

  3. Solution-Aware. Your prospect knows the result he wants, but not that your product provides it.

  4. Problem-Aware. Your prospect senses he has a problem, but doesn’t know there’s a solution.

  5. Completely Unaware. No knowledge of anything except, perhaps, his own identity or opinion.

Our successful customers are at least at level #3 or #2, which is rather high. One of the earliest customers, Brad, said during the demo call:

“We had a need for tracking events, and tracking the metadata that goes along with those events, and then triggering emails. I was looking for a solution for that.”

We got similar sentiments from others, too.

Armed with this knowledge, we can talk to customers more specifically on our website (informing the copy with call transcripts and customer feedback). Visitors don’t need to be explained the value of behavior-based email automation.

But what about you? What level of awareness did you have when you first signed up for this mailing list? Where on the spectrum are you now?

Drop us a line and tell your story ✍️

— Regards, Jane.

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