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Join us live this Thursday?

We’ve been brainstorming different opportunities to organize a little community here at Userlist, ranging from a Slack channel (too many of these) to forums (too serious) to webinars (too formal)…

We ultimately agreed on a live hangout format — Userlist Office Hours. Here’s what we have in mind:

  • We’ll get together in Zoom and get everyone live on screen to chat
  • Every meeting has a topic so that the discussion is more valuable
  • We’ll share stories, problems, questions, anything else that comes up on the topic
  • We figure out a more specific format/structure based on the number of people who show up
  • The ultimate goal is to just have fun with peers from the SaaS ecosystem 🙂

The first meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 11am EST. The topic is “Tracking User Activity.” We’ve set up a dedicated page that will have information about upcoming meetings + the actual Zoom link. It’s pretty low key for now, so there’s no need to register, just show up on time.

View the details on the Office Hours page »

— Regards, Jane.

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