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Let’s ease in

Hey friend 🙌

I've just hopped off our monthly Happy Hour call. Among other things, we talked about fun company newsletters, so this is me trying really hard not to make this a dull one.

(Yes, I'm thinking very hard about adding a gif here, but I think I'll hold off.)

We've also talked about product roadmaps, the struggles of not being a non-native English speaker, Wendy's Twitter account, and more. You want to join us next time? I think you should.

Here's what we've got hot off the press:

How to Announce Your Funding Round: 10+ Email Examples from Real Startups

Featured image for our blog post on startup round announcement emails

Raised funds recently? You deserve to celebrate and announce your win to the world. Maybe you're currently in the middle of the process and need a bump of motivation to keep going. We get you. We really do.

This is how the teams behind Productboard, Similarweb, DoorLoop, Dock, and more announced their funding rounds. Let them inspire you on how to go forward.

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Brand archetypes are formed by the combination of a brand's identity, voice, public persona, as well as how your brand corresponds to its target market.

Travis Dillard this week goes over the 12 brand archetypes and analyzes the archetypes of companies like Notion, Linear, Stripe, Klaviyo, Zapier, and more.

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In December on BDTP, Claudiu Murariu (remember him from the onboarding roundtable?) taught us a lot more about the role email plays in a product, how to track the impact of your email, and the two types of impact from sending a message.

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From our miscellaneous drawer

  • The email geek swag you didn't know you needed. The KPI one had me right away.
  • A marketing newsletter I've been enjoying lately is Marketer Milk: Great curation, engaging writing, clear and to the point. 10/10

Enough for a January warm up, no? If you have a question we haven't answered before you can always reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Until next month 👋


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