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Demos for user research? Absolutely.

Do you do demos for your SaaS product? At Userlist, we use demo calls for actual sales, and as part of our onboarding process. But it's also an amazing way to do user research.

Recently, I talked about this with Erin May and JH Forster at their podcast, Awkward Silences. Here's the episode pitch:

"Sales demos are a great opportunity to get to know your customers. The person on the other end is interested in your product, looking for a solution to a problem, and likely have some pain points with their current solutions. Jane walks through how to reposition demos as relationship building and research opportunities."

Listen to the full episode here.

Big thanks to Erin and JH for the great conversation 🙌

— Regards, Jane.

P.S. Want to get on a demo call with us? Welcome to book one here, anytime.

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