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Delighters, must-have’s, nice-to-have’s? 🤔

A few days ago we finally shipped our Broadcasts feature. It was the one thing that wasn’t yet implemented from our MVP roadmap. Now that it is out there, we’re contemplating what to focus on next.

Here’s our top list of ideas:

  1. Proper support for tracking company accounts, where a company groups many users but users may also belong to multiple companies.
  2. Integration with providers like Segment to simplify our setup process (assuming you already have Segment in place).
  3. Native libraries for other programming languages besides our current ones for PHP and Ruby (and Ruby on Rails).
  4. A JavaScript snippet to allow in-browser tracking instead of only allowing server side tracking.
  5. An onboarding checklist widget that you can embed in your application and connect to certain goals that a user has to achieve to check things off.
  6. Support for in-app messages that allow you to show messages directly inside your application instead of only sending them via email (definitely no chat though, just purely informational).

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these ideas. Are there any deal-breakers for you? Which one would make Userlist a tool that you just have to use? Did we forget something obvious that absolutely should be in there?

Just let us know in the comments!

— Cheers, Benedikt.

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