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Will you be at Business of Software this year?

It’s Jane on the line today with some cool news. We’d love to see you at Business of Software 2018 in Boston because…

Our co-founder Claire was invited to speak there! Alongside other amazing folks like David Cancel of Drift, Peldi of Balsamiq, and Jared Spool (who simply doesn’t need an introduction, at least in my little UI/UX world).

Here’s Claire’s keynote title: Get out of the Echo Chamber: How to Use Jobs-To-Be-Done to Perfect your Product’s Positioning.

Exploring customer motivation using JTBD has been Claire’s top topic for a long while, so we collected a few other resources for you:

Hope that makes for some interesting reading! If you plan on attending, please let us know at support@userlist.com — so that Claire can tag you in person ?

— Regards, Jane.

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