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Behavior-Based Email Automation Tool for Your SaaS

Boost activation & retention by sending targeted email campaigns to your SaaS customers. Create touchpoints throughout their lifecycle. Choose the right channel — email or in-app messages — to deliver the right information at the right time.

Send behavior-based campaigns
Send behavior-based campaigns

Use behavior triggers to contact your users at the best possible moment

Stop sending messages when a goal is achieved

Use repeatable campaigns for failed payments and other recurring situations

Customize each message for maximum impact
Customize each message for maximum impact

Quickly compose messages using our simple WYSIWYG editor or Markdown

Decide whether to send via email or in-app message

Use Liquid tags to enrich your messages with customer data

Use snippets for intros, signatures, and other reusable bits of content

Only send the right information
Only send the right information

Use powerful behavior-based filters for each message

Skip on irrelevant messages, and never promote a feature that's already being used

Ruben Gamez, founder of Docsketch

"Userlist has quickly become one of my must-have SaaS tools. It's so well designed and focused on customer messaging, unlike other bloated products I've used before."

Ruben Gamez, founder of Docsketch

All you need to get started

Direct API integration

Use our simple HTTP API to push data as JSON. Track user behavior by sending user properties and events.

Instant integrations

Send your customer data to Userlist in a few clicks via Segment, Rudderstack, or Zapier. Zero development time required.

Client-side tracking

In addition to server-side tracking, Userlist also allows client-side tracking via the same script that powers in-app messages.

Ready-to-go libraries

We offer libraries for popular frameworks and languages: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP.

Free planning worksheets

It's much easier to follow best practices, so we provide free printable worksheets for you to get started.

Built-in Templates

Use built-in campaign templates, so that you never have to start from scratch.

Watch the video demo

Get access to the pre-recorded 12-minute demo, and see how Userlist can help you onboard new users, convert free trials, and manage customers and leads within one tool.