Early Beta Preview (Video Walkthrough)


We’ve been very open about our process at so far, but one common sentiment has come up lately… In spite of detailed updates, a lot of folks still aren’t sure what our product does at this stage, what’s inside, and how exactly we can help your SaaS business.

Today we’re fixing this!

We recorded a brief screencast showing you around the internals of the current version, such as user activity, segments, and automation features (including the new ones).

What are our goals at this stage?

  • Create a simple, lightweight experience for you (while maintaining key features).

  • Give you an overview of your users, so that you don’t have to build an admin dashboard yourself.

  • Help you set up your first basic campaign (or a few) as fast as possible.

  • Empower advanced automation based on events and properties, should you need that.

  • Focus on post-signup users only, unlike other email marketing tools. Focus makes great things possible!

Watch the video

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