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Behavior-Based Customer Messaging. Perfect for Your SaaS.

Onboard and engage your SaaS users with targeted behavior-based campaigns. Choose the right channel — email or in-app messages — to deliver the right information when your users need it the most.

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Laser-focused on your SaaS needs

User Onboarding

Onboard your users with automated behavior-based campaigns. Deliver the right information at the right time

Behavior-Based Messages

Trigger automated email campaigns based on what users do (or don’t do) in your product

In-App Messages

Choose the right channel for each message: deliver via email or in-app messages


Segment your users based on their behavior


Send one-off broadcasts to make announcements and promote new features

Built-in Templates

Use built-in campaign templates, so that you never have to start from scratch

Manage your users

View your user profiles in a simple admin dashboard. Add filters or dive straight into user profiles one by one, where you can see all their events and properties.

Send automated email and in-app messages

Contact your users at the best possible moment to help them on their journey. For each message, pick the right channel — email or in-app messages

Segment your users

Segment your users dynamically based on their behavior. Trigger automated campaigns when users join or leave a segment.

Christian Genco, founder of Fileinbox

"Feels like you built this tool exactly for me. It's like using cheat codes for better user onboarding. I banged out three campaigns in about two hours!"

Christian Genco, founder of Fileinbox

All you need to get started

Simple API integration

Send user events and properties into Userlist via our HTTP JSON API (or get started instantly with Segment). View the integration guide

Full-text templates

We provide full-text templates, worksheets & blueprints — so you never have to start from scratch. Easily customize them to fit your product goals.

Love and hand-holding

It’s never a good time to migrate. Setting up your automations can be intimidating, so you’ll get lots of hand-holding and personal advice from the founders.

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