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Free Resources from Userlist

Jane Portman
Jane Portman

Our mission at Userlist is to provide you with good tools — and good knowledge — for running your SaaS business. These free resources will help.

Free Email Planning Worksheets

These step-by-step printable worksheets will help you wrap your head around customer lifecycle messaging. Use them to follow the best practices and overcome "analysis paralysis."

Bonus section: planning the account-level implementation.

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Free Email Templates

What exact emails should you use for SaaS user onboarding and retention? Get our full-text templates for 20+ emails across your customer lifecycle.

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Free Tool Comparison Checklist

Get access to our internal checklist which compares popular user onboarding platforms feature-by-feature. You're welcome to duplicate this spreadsheet and use it for your own tool research.

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12-Minute Video Demo

In this short demo video, we'll walk you through the key features of Userlist: users, campaigns, segments, automation, broadcasts, and much more.

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We care about B2B SaaS

That's why these software companies have switched their email to Userlist.

Ruben Gamez (Docsketch)
Ruben Gamez
Derrick Reimer (SavvyCal)
Derrick Reimer
Justin Jackson (Transistor)
Justin Jackson
Alice Coleman (focus booster)
Alice Coleman
focus booster
Michael Koper (Nusii)
Michael Koper
Louis Nicholls (SparkLoop)
Louis Nicholls
Christian Genco (Fileinbox)
Christian Genco
Corinn Pope (Speckled)
Corinn Pope
Andy Hawkes (Loadster)
Andy Hawkes
Craig Hewitt (SalesCamp)
Craig Hewitt
Carlos Hernández (Quaderno)
Carlos Hernández
Stefan Butlin (Testpad)
Stefan Butlin
Peter Suhm (Branch)
Peter Suhm
Daniel Nalesnik (Hack Chinese)
Daniel Nalesnik
Hack Chinese
Niklas Stephenson (Legal Monster)
Niklas Stephenson
Legal Monster
Michael Thomsen (Agile Extensions)
Michael Thomsen
Agile Extensions
Kim Gjerstad (MailPoet)
Kim Gjerstad
Ben Aldred (Consent Kit)
Ben Aldred
Consent Kit
Segev Hochberg (PPC Protect)
Segev Hochberg
PPC Protect
Aaron Kassover (AgentMethods)
Aaron Kassover

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