Help SaaS Founders ๐Ÿ’›

In the midst of the 2020 crisis, we brought together 15+ awesome podcasts to promote products built by our peers. As a result, 50+ founders received free advertising.

Let's join forces.

At Userlist, we were brainstorming a way to help fellow founders with the resources we have. Both myself and my co-founder Benedikt are podcasters. Thatโ€™s how the idea for Help Founders was born.

As podcasters, we possess a treasure accumulated over years of work โ€” our audiences. This canโ€™t be taken away from us, because itโ€™s more valuable than money. In these hard times, letโ€™s join forces and share our social impact with other founders.

We gathered a number of awesome podcasts, and built a way for founders to apply for a free sponsorship. We invite you to join: either as a founder asking for help, or as a podcaster, joining with your show.

Onwards, and letโ€™s help founders!

โ€” Regards,
Jane & Benedikt.

Podcasts Already Helping

UI Breakfast Podcast
Hosted by Jane Portman
Donated 5 slots
Slow & Steady
Hosted by Brian Rhea & Benedikt Deicke
Donated 5 slots
Bright & Early
Hosted by Brian Rhea
Donated 5 slots
Getting to Ramen
Hosted by Joshua Anderton
Donated 2 slots
Bootstrapped Web
Hosted by Brian Casel & Jordan Gal
Donated 2 slots
The Bootstrapped Founder
Hosted by Arvid Kahl
Donated 4 slots
Rogue Startups
Hosted by Dave Rodenbaugh & Craig Hewitt
Release Notes
Hosted by Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski
Donated 5 slots
Your Thoughts
Hosted by Christian Genco
Donated 7 slots
Startups For the Rest of Us
Hosted by Rob Walling
Donated 3 slots
Code Story
Hosted by Noah Labhart
Donated 10 slots
Data Beats Opinion
Hosted by Keith Perhac
Donated 3 slots
Maker Mindset
Hosted by Mike Rubini
Donated 3 slots
The Emamo Show
Hosted by Taylor McKnight
Donated 3 slots
Build Your SaaS
Hosted by Jon Buda & Justin Jackson
Donated 5 slots
SaaS Boss
Hosted by Natalie Luneva
Donated 3 slots
Sales for Founders
Hosted by Louis Nicholls
Donated 5 slots