Help SaaS Founders πŸ’›

In the midst of the 2020 crisis, we brought together 15+ awesome podcasts to promote products built by our peers. As a result, 50+ founders received free advertising.

Let's join forces.

At Userlist, we were brainstorming a way to help fellow founders with the resources we have. Both myself and my co-founder Benedikt are podcasters. That’s how the idea for Help Founders was born.

As podcasters, we possess a treasure accumulated over years of work β€” our audiences. This can’t be taken away from us, because it’s more valuable than money. In these hard times, let’s join forces and share our social impact with other founders.

We gathered a number of awesome podcasts, and built a way for founders to apply for a free sponsorship. We invite you to join: either as a founder asking for help, or as a podcaster, joining with your show.

Onwards, and let’s help founders!

β€” Regards,
Jane & Benedikt.

Podcasts Already Helping

UI Breakfast Podcast
Hosted by Jane Portman
Donated 5 slots
Slow & Steady
Hosted by Brian Rhea & Benedikt Deicke
Donated 5 slots
Bright & Early
Hosted by Brian Rhea
Donated 5 slots
Getting to Ramen
Hosted by Joshua Anderton
Donated 2 slots
Bootstrapped Web
Hosted by Brian Casel & Jordan Gal
Donated 2 slots
The Bootstrapped Founder
Hosted by Arvid Kahl
Donated 4 slots
Rogue Startups
Hosted by Dave Rodenbaugh & Craig Hewitt
Release Notes
Hosted by Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski
Donated 5 slots
Your Thoughts
Hosted by Christian Genco
Donated 7 slots
Startups For the Rest of Us
Hosted by Rob Walling
Donated 3 slots
Code Story
Hosted by Noah Labhart
Donated 10 slots
Data Beats Opinion
Hosted by Keith Perhac
Donated 3 slots
Maker Mindset
Hosted by Mike Rubini
Donated 3 slots
The Emamo Show
Hosted by Taylor McKnight
Donated 3 slots
Build Your SaaS
Hosted by Jon Buda & Justin Jackson
Donated 5 slots
SaaS Boss
Hosted by Natalie Luneva
Donated 3 slots
Sales for Founders
Hosted by Louis Nicholls
Donated 5 slots