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How Fileinbox Increased Their Trial-to-Paid Conversions with Userlist

Jane Portman
Jane Portman
How Fileinbox Increased Their Trial-to-Paid Conversions with Userlist

Meet Christian Genco, the founder of Fileinbox — a file upload tool that sends files from the form straight into your Dropbox. They help businesses worldwide receive thousands of documents, photos, and videos every month.

In this case study you'll hear how Christian used Userlist to fix his sales funnel, overcome the anxiety about creating new email content, and improve his trial-to-paid conversion rate.

The problem: sales funnel not producing results

  • The sales funnel was underperforming
  • Existing solution was clunky and slow
  • Needed a way to push people along the sales funnel to convert them to customers

As Fileinbox grew and started to implement more sales and marketing programs, Christian needed to improve his sales funnel. At the time, Christian noticed it wasn't working as well as it should.

"I was trying to figure out how my sales funnel was leaking. This was part of a bigger process for me: how to get my sales and marketing funnel running, then how to measure that."

As Christian researched how to improve his funnel, he knew he needed something to push his users to the next step. He tried using the default mailer in Ruby on Rails to get messages out to users, and push them along the sales process. But this proved to be a complicated process.

"The default mailer in Ruby on Rails was slow and clunky. There was so much technical expertise needed in the process, and it just took longer to implement it for every email."

At the time, Christian was also looking at a few other solutions to help solve his sales funnel and onboarding issue.

"I looked at using ConvertKit, but it seems a good fit for a different business type. The concept of tagging and segmenting audiences was incredibly difficult.

I saw Userlist at MicroConf, and it seemed like it was built for SaaS compared to other solutions like ConvertKit."

The solution: simple templates to improve user onboarding

  • Choosing Userlist as the primary communication tool for onboarding emails
  • Using templates to implement email messaging quickly

Christian needed a simple solution to implement for his sales funnel and onboarding process.

"Userlist was perfect for pushing users a little bit further down the funnel, one step at a time, and to show the value of our product."

Userlist provided email templates to jump-start the process for Christian.

"I loved the templated emails. Initially, I had some anxiety about creating new email content. But to be able to come in and have templates to start with, this was so much easier than starting something from scratch."

The results: improved sales funnel & increased conversions

  • Simple, focused messaging platform
  • Improving the sales funnel process
  • Increase in conversions from free trials to paid customers

Userlist provided a platform that allowed Christian to create email messages quickly and efficiently.

"The simplicity of design and UI for Userlist is great. It's easy to create an email; it's not overly complicated or trying to do too much."

Userlist's simplicity also saves time for Christian when he is setting up new emails.

"The core value of Userlist for me is that it takes me far less time to setup things, with every job I'm trying to get done."

Fileinbox now uses Userlist as its primary tool for onboarding emails to help win more business and convert trial users to customers.

"The customized onboarding emails from Userlist provide very specific information based on customer behavior. You don't have to think about it, and it's positively impacting my conversions."

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