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Email Marketing Experts: Write for Userlist

Jane Portman
Jane Portman

Userlist is an email automation platform focused on SaaS companies. We need your help creating top-notch content for email marketers.

Why we need your help

Content is our long-term game, and it works. Not just SEO, but exclusive expert content that people are willing to share.

We've had success with the articles we've written ourselves, for example:

But our capacity is limited, so we need your help.

Yes, we have worked with agencies and professional writers. Their content is lovely, but it doesn't go deep. Only experts like you β€” which there's a handful in the world β€” can talk about industry challenges in-depth.

What "email marketing expert" even means

That's people who match any of the following criteria:

  • Have implemented email marketing for at least 2-3 SaaS products
  • Have written research-based emails for at least 2-3 SaaS products
  • Have planned customer behavior data (events, properties, etc) for at least 2-3 SaaS products β€” not necessarily as an engineer, but working with engineers
  • Have hands-on experience building email workflows in tools like Userlist, Customer.io, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo
  • Have experimented with email campaigns and measured email performance and ROI
  • …and other hands-on email activities related to SaaS.

What you'll be doing

In short, writing articles about SaaS email marketing automation.

It doesn't have to be "perfectly" written β€” we can help with that. But it needs to be substantial, well-structured, and relate to real-world problems. Let's help readers solve painful pains with instructions and meaty examples.

Yes, that goes well beyond "best email subject lines" πŸ™‚


Most of our articles are inspired by customer conversations and community discussions, and then tailored to SEO needs.

Topics relate to:

  • SaaS email marketing
  • Customer data
  • Advanced email automation (specifically, the mechanics of it)
  • Segmentation
  • Account-level data & automation
  • Growing a SaaS email list
  • Onboarding and nurturing SaaS customers using email

And anything else you're passionate about.

Typical process

  • We agree on a topic and tailor it to fit our strategy and SEO goals
  • You do the research and write a brief, we provide feedback
  • You ship an article, we provide feedback
  • We do the final edit, and publish the article with your name and bio
  • It's promoted to relevant communities

We're happy to bring you up to speed with the any missing knowledge.


You'll be paid per article as an independent contractor. We'll start with one paid test article. The ultimate goal is ongoing collaboration, e.g. 1-2 articles per month.

Why you should choose Userlist

Userlist is a growing startup founded by two industry experts β€” Jane Portman and Benedikt Deicke. We're committed to building the best email marketing tool for SaaS companies, while our competitors are spreading themselves thin between different industries.

We hold strong technical & ethical opinions, as well as high design standards, so you'll be proud of your work.

Your writing will be beautifully produced and published.

We'll promote your work to our audience and beyond. We have a dedicated customer advocate, Katarina, who will be sharing your work in relevant communities.

We'll help you build your personal brand.

You will work in the heart of the email marketing & customer data ecosystem.

How to apply

To get started, please fill out this form.

We encourage you to apply even if you don't feel like you match the description 100%. Many great people tend to undervalue their skills, so we don't want to miss the chance of meeting you.

Hope to see you soon πŸ’›

β€” Regards, Jane.